Member Categories

Active membership – Any person or firm providing structural pest control service in the State of Iowa or any municipality, governmental or education entity performing in-house general pest control, in sympathy with the purposes of the Iowa Pest Management Association, and whose business record is consistent with the Code of Ethics is eligible for Active Membership.  

Branch Membership - Active members that have a home office and additional satellite offices within the State of Iowa must apply for Branch Membership for each of those offices.

Representation of active members - Active membership belongs to the home firm rather than to individuals within the firm or to the branch offices under it.   Each active member firm has one vote on all matters requiring votes of the membership.   The firm must nominate a single individual to represent the firm and vote on its behalf and that of its branch offices.   Representative of active members are eligible for nomination to the board of directors.

Allied Membership - Any person, firm or corporation not engaged in pest control service work but which manufactures or supplies products, equipment and other materials or service to the pest management industry are eligible for Allied Membership. 

Representation of Allied Members – Allied members are not eligible to vote on association matters and cannot hold an elected office.   As a group, allied members elect a representative who serves to represent their interests to the board of directors.   The Allied Member representative to the board or directors is a non-voting position.